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John Di Lemme Shares 26 Billionaire Pressure Points for Success

In this episode of the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast, I am sharing *26* Billionaire Pressure Points for Success, but before we get to the podcast check out these awesome notes…

*26* Billionaire Pressure Points for Success

  1. Acknowledge where you are today and where you were before.  Never forget where you started or it will prevent you from getting where you are going!
  2. Believe more in yourself and your ability to change lives through your business and/or career.
  3. Seek Change for challenging growth and never compromise.
  4. Be Decisive and Determined to stand strong no matter what adversity you face.
  5. Eliminate any negativity that is holding you back and standing in the way of your success.
  6. Focus on the future and forget about the past so that you don’t continue to dwell there.
  7. Understand that Gradual Growth is the secret to true success.  There are no shortcuts!
  8. Hone in on who you are and allow your strengths to move you forward on your success journey.
  9. Continually Improve and Increase who you are as a person of integrity plus be more Involved in your future.  You control your ultimate results!
  10. Be Joyful!  Yes, it’s that easy.  Choose joy over misery!
  11. Kick the excuses to the side and move through them.
  12. Learn to Love yourself!  It’s the only way to be able to love others and build more Loyalty with your clients.
  13. There is a Moment in life when you make a decision that will change the path of your life forever and create either Momentum or Mediocrity.
  14. Never ever decrease your self-development or the enemy of doubt and fear will take over.
  15. Identify the Opportunities within your Obstacles instead of worrying about how you will overcome them.
  16. Persevere to be the Person that you want to be in life and business. Be Persistent in order to build long lasting relationships with your clients.
  17. Question the motives people that around you. Get away from anyone that doesn’t believe in you or constantly tries to get you to Quit on your goals!
  18. Realize your unlimited potential so that you can achieve the Results that you desire and break Records like never before.
  19. Stand Strong on your Systems that keep you focused instead of living a life of chaos.
  20. Be Transparent and Truthful in every area of your life and business in order to build long-term, Trusting relationships.
  21. Unleash your potential and Utilize your talent to achieve your goals. You were born a Champion!  Don’t ever Underestimate that!
  22. Your Vision of Victory will keep strong through challenging times and push you toward the achievement of your goals and dreams.
  23. Keep your Word for your Why. Your word is more important than any amount of money and going back on it will stop you from achieving your Why.
  24. X-ray your heart daily to keep yourself in check and make sure your intentions are pure.
  25. YOU! Write your name down and state that YOU are a Champion. I believe it and YOU should too!
  26. Pressure will give you the Zest for life and enthusiasm to keep moving forward no matter what or who tries to stop you from achieving your goals and dreams.

I challenge you to implement these *26* Pressure Points in your life and business.  I guarantee that if you do…success is inevitable!

Now, enjoy this powerful podcast…


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Today is Day 1 for John Di Lemme 28 Years Ago

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