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John Di Lemme Brings you Part 2 of the 5 Fundamental Life and Business Success Principles to Crush Fear

In this episode of the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast, I share *Part 2* of the 5 Fundamental Life and Business Success Principles to Crush Fear.

But before we get to the podcast, check out these powerful notes from the teaching…

I taught from my best-selling book, *10* Life Lessons on How to Find Your Why Now and Achieve Ultimate Success.  Grab a hold of this book for FREE at www.FindYourWhyNow.com and follow along with the teaching.  You will see page references below in the notes.

Now, enjoy this EXPLOSIVE wisdom that will change your life…

Fundamental Life and Business Success Principle #5
Genuine Serious Commitment No Matter Others Do (Page 112)

Commitment is the foundation for your life! If you are not truly committed to achieving your Why, then you will never do it. It’s easy to commit; however, it gets hard to stay committed when the naysayers are constantly hassling you.

Stay committed to the achievement of your Why NO MATTER what everyone else around you say or do. It’s your life and business! You are responsible for your results!

99% of people quit on their commitment and the root of most people’s problems are a lack of long-term commitment. Remember, no matter what anyone else does around you…stay committed!

Fundamental Life and Business Success Principle #6
Faithfully Embracing Change and Consistent Ever Increasing Self-Development   (page 80)

You must wash your mind of the garbage that bombards your eyes and ears every single day no matter if you want it to or now.  Daily self-development will cleanse your mind of the nonsense and refresh it with empowering, positivity that will move you forward on your success journey. 

Embracing change is part of self-development.  You must challenge yourself to change in order to achieve your goals and dreams!

Fundamental Life and Business Success Principle #7
Shred Your Limiting Belief Label Forever (page 47)

 Get rid of anyone and anything that labels you and tries to limit your ability to achieve success!  Labels define people and if someone tells you over and over again that you are something, then you will eventually believe it.

 Don’t let others define you.  Get away from those people and things in your life that limit your potential!

Fundamental Life and Business Success Principle #8
Secure Your Oxygen Mask Each and Every Day or Else You Will Pass Out of Overwhelm (page 96)

Airline flight attendants tell you to secure your oxygen mask before you help anyone else.  You must do the same thing in your life and business!  If you don’t help yourself first, then you can’t help anyone else. 

When you get out of bed every morning, prepare for the day ahead of you.  Don’t just roll out of bed, look at your phone, watch the negative news, and overwhelm yourself in the first five minutes of your day. 

Prepare your mind by reading or listening to something positive.  Eat a healthy breakfast.  Have a checklist for your day so that you are prepared to achieve your goals.  This preparation will annihilate the chaos out of your life forever!

Fundamental Life and Business Success Principle #9
Once and For All Annihilate the Past Excuses Forever and Move Forward at 1MPH (page 97)

If you continue to wallow in your past, you will never be able to move forward into your future.  Continuing to look into the rear view mirror at your past will detour your success journey. 

Rip down that rear view mirror forever and stop letting your past dictate your future!  Never again allow those excuses from your past limit the limitless potential of your future!

Fundamental Life and Business Success Principle #10
The Zero Option to Quit Attitude (page 99)

Allowing the option of quitting to be present in your life is the first step in the wrong direction that will ultimately lead to failure.  Don’t ever let the word “quit” cross your mind or flow from your lips! 

You were born to live the Champion life and achieve your dreams.  Don’t let the enemy of fear, procrastination, and doubt take that from you.  Say this out loud, “I will NEVER quit!”

Enjoy the podcast…

Now, I challenge you to implement these success principles in your life and business!  I believe in you 1,000%! 


P.S.  Once again, go ahead and grab a copy of my book, *10* Life Lessons on How to Find Your Why Now and Achieve Ultimate Success, at www.FindYourWhyNow.com

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