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John Di Lemme Shares How to Achieve a Personal Breakthrough in Your Life and Business in *4* Simple Steps

In this episode of the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast, I share “How to Achieve a Personal Breakthrough in Your Life and Business in *4* Simple Steps!”

But before we get to the podcast, check out these Powerful Notes from the teaching…

I’ll be teaching from my best-selling book, *365* Affirmations to Absolutely Guarantee a Record-Breaking Year.

As a Bonus I would like to give you the book for FREE so that you can follow along with the teaching. 

Go to www.365AffirmationsBook.com and download your book and Bonus audio book! 

Now, on with the notes from this life-changing teaching

My favorite definition of breakthrough is a dramatic discovery or development.  When you break through something, you are stepping out of the old and into a NEW dramatic discovery or development. 

Breakthrough is also defined as achieving success in a certain area.  Isn’t it time that you break through old, step into the new, and achieve radical success?  It’s Breakthrough Time!


Breakthrough Simple Step #1

Excuse Free Preparation and Expectation
(Affirmation #119 – I am FREE of Excuses!)

Are you EXPECTING your breakthrough? More importantly, are you PREPARED for your breakthrough? If you aren’t living in an atmosphere of expectation that you will achieve your breakthrough, then you won’t achieve it!

If you aren’t prepared for your breakthrough to happen at any moment, then you won’t be ready when it does happen!

You must be preparing every single day so when your breakthrough happens…YOU ARE READY!

Why do most people miss their breakthrough? Because their vision of a breakthrough is fogged by all of the excuses that surround the reason as to why they haven’t achieved success yet.

Stop the excuses! If not, you won’t be able to see your breakthrough that is right around the corner.


Breakthrough Simple Step #2

Truthful Habit Development Awareness
(Affirmation #121 – My habits predict supernatural miracles!)

Your habits will predict your results – good or bad! What do your habits say about your commitment to your success? In order to achieve your next level, you must be truthful about your habits.

Plus you must be aware of those sneaky little behaviors that ultimately develop into habits and hinder your success.

Commit to developing good habits that not only outweigh the bad, but also ultimately destroy them. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Just committing 15 minutes per day (as a start) on a good habit like immersing yourself in positive self-development materials will dramatically change your results!

I have a worksheet that will assist you with developing good habits. It’s called the 1/96th of a Day Habit, and I would love to give it to you for FREE. Email John@GiantGoals.com and say “1/96th of a Day” and I’ll send it to you.


Breakthrough Simple Step #3

Victorious Voice of Vision
(Affirmation #122 – I am earning huge income, because I
am focused on making a difference in the world!)

Your voice must speak your victorious vision into existence. Whatever you speak…you will have!

What do your words say about your current results? You have the absolute right to
earn huge income, but you can’t do that if you are constantly focused on and speaking about negativity.

If you aren’t earning huge income, then you can’t make a difference in the world. While your bank account might not show a million dollar balance yet, you can speak prosperity and abundance over your life now. Say this out loud…


Your words today predict your future results so start speaking the next level in your life and business!


Breakthrough Simple Step #4

Miracle Breakthrough Prediction is Possible
(Affirmation #117 – My schedule will predict my results and Affirmation #124 – I am totally immersed in proven, time-tested personal development every day.)

Your daily schedule says everything about your REAL commitment to your goals and dreams. Your schedule can predict your miracle breakthroughs if you commit to taking daily action steps toward the achievement of your goals and dreams.

Your daily schedule should also include developing your mind, body, and soul every single day in order to face the adversity that you will face on your success journey.

Immersing yourself in personal development means that you are washing the garbage that the world throws at you off and putting on confidence and courage that will empower you to keep moving forward on your success journey.


I believe that the possible is possible for you! Do you?

Now, get ready for this OUT OF CONTROL podcast – How to Achieve a Personal Breakthrough in Your Life and Business in *4* Simple Steps LIVE!


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