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John Di Lemme’s Billionaire Client Dr. Christa shares the Straightforward Formula for Business Explosion

In this episode of the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast, John Di Lemme’s Billionaire Client Dr. Christa shares the Straightforward Formula for Business Explosion. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from someone who is a success story!

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John Di Lemme Presents the Top Billionaire Secret Formula You can Choose to Implement

In this episode of the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast, I will share the #1 Billionaire Secret Formula that you can “choose” to implement…OR NOT! 

But before we get to the podcast, check out these powerful notes from this teaching in which I brake down the word “prepare.” It has been listened to over and over by so many champions…

Make sure you take your own notes as you dig into the podcast for yourself… as you know I teach…

“Note Takers are History Makers…”

To Achieve your Next Level, you must PREPARE for Your Next Level!

and now enjoy the Breakdown of the Word *Prepare*…

Possibilities: There are unlimited possibilities for you. Pioneers create Unlimited Possibilities.

So let me ask you… how Big is Your Thinking for Unlimited Possibilities?

Review: People don’t want to be accountable every day, because they are avoiding an issue.  They don’t discuss it and try to hide it.

When you’re accountable, you make the “choice” to review your actions. When it comes to relationships or your environment, you must make the decision to remove the toxicity that stunts your growth.

Eliminate: Let go and stop holding on to the people that are not building you up.  It’s time to eliminate them from your life and move on!

You won’t be able to welcome anything new if you are holding on to something old. Plus be willing to let go of the ego so you can improve and always be learning for your next level.

Preparation: When there’s no preparation, there’s no schedule to keep you focused. With no schedule, there is no self-development to develop your mind.

If you don’t prepare for your next level, then you’re stealing from your own dreams and taking away from your highest potential. Preparation builds confidence! 

Associations:  Who you *Choose* to Associate with will determine your ultimate level of success good or bad.  Don’t keep people around that make you question your ability to achieve your goals and dreams.

Your associations must challenge you and maximize your mind so that you can believe beyond the impossible.  

Ready:  Ask yourself a question, “Am I READY when the phone rings?”  When a client calls or walks into my office, are you ready to give them the best experience possible?

You must have a consistently positive attitude so that you are ALWAYS ready for your next level.  Imagine yourself going up a large staircase.  As you progress up the staircase one step at a time, you are confident that you will reach the top. 

There’s absolutely no hesitation in your mind that you won’t make it to the top. You must have the same confidence in your life and business in order to achieve your next level.

Embrace: You must embrace and hold onto your next level by faith. Don’t doubt your potential with fear. Enter your next level and don’t be concerned about what others are doing. 

Stay focused on YOUR success! You must also embrace the challenge to change to achieve your Billionaire level.

Be Determined, Disciplined, Decisive, and Deliberate!  Be prepared to achieve goals and stand strong.

These *4* D’s Determined, Disciplined, Decisive, and Deliberate will remain strong and help you provide a valuable customer experience in business that will then turn into huge revenue for your business.

Now enjoy this EXPLOSIVE podcast…and get ready to take even more notes for yourself…


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