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John Di Lemme Unleashes 5 Faithful Decisions to Achieve a Breakthrough

In this episode, I unleashed *5* Faithful Decisions to Absolutely GUARANTEE You BREAK Records In Your Life and Achieve Record Breaking Results! 

You are going to love the podcast, but first enjoy these powerful notes from this life-changing teaching…

Faithful Decision #1 – Truthful Daily Accountability:  Ask yourself at the end of every single day, “What did I do today that moved me closer to the achievement of my goals?”  Be truthful about what action you did or did not take. Where did you waste time?  Where did you invest time? 

In order to achieve the next level in your life and business, you must take responsibility for your daily actions and hold yourself accountable for your day.  Accountability is a summary of your daily decisions. Your results are a reflection of your daily decisions! Commit to being better tomorrow than you were today!

Faithful Decision #2 – Understanding the Value of Each and Every Word:  You must understand that every single word that you say has value. The question to ask yourself is, “Do my words add or subtract from my goals?”  Basically, your words will predict your results – good or bad. 

Remember, what you put in will come out so whatever you allow to enter your eyes and ears will come out of your mouth. It’s  inevitable!  You have complete control of what you see and hear so commit to only allowing positive, empowering words to enter your mind. 

Also, get away from people that suffocate your mind space with their negative words.  Don’t listen to that garbage!  Your words today predict your results of tomorrow!

Faithful Decision #3 – Identifying Where and When Ego or Stubbornness Shows Up and Eliminate It:  In order to achieve our goals, we must be willing to identify where our ego and stubbornness is keeping us from moving forward. 

It’s not always easy to accept constructive criticism or admit that something is simply not working and you need to make a change.

However, if you don’t accept the challenge to change, then you will NEVER achieve your giant goals.  When you allow your ego and stubbornness, you are stunting your growth potential.

Commit to accept challenges to change and eliminate your ego and stubbornness that is holding you back!

Faithful Decision #4 – Increase LIVE Event Note Taking and Daily Self Development:  To achieve the next level in your life and business, you must develop yourself (mind, body, and soul) every single day.  This is self-development!   It’s not always about marketing. 

If you don’t motivate and develop yourself to the next level, then there’s no way that you will achieve the next level in your business.

Plus commit to attend LIVE events, immerse yourself in life-changing wisdom, and take notes that will give you the ability to implement what you are learning.  Note takers are history makers!  If you’re not learning, then you’re not earning.

Faithful Decision #5 – Truly Serve Others with Your HUGE Why and Be a Difference Maker:  Your Why is your ultimate purpose in life.  It’s the reason that you get out of bed every single day and face obstacles that life throws at you.  If your Why is not so big that it scares you, then it’s not big enough! 

A HUGE Why will allow you to serve others and be a difference maker.  Ask yourself, “Is my Why so HUGE that it makes a difference in the world?”  If not, commit to developing your Why and making it so big that it may seem impossible.  It’s not!  I believe that the impossible is possible for you!

Wow!  Now, aren’t those notes powerful!  Plus here’s a Bonus for you…

The video of this teaching recorded LIVE on Facebook…


Now, get ready, because here’s the EXPLOSIVE PODCAST

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