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John Di Lemme Reveals 5 Proven and Time-Tested Customer Service Strategies to Absolutely Explode Your Revenue and Build a Raving Fan Base

In this episode of the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast, I reveal an EXPLOSIVE teaching titled…

*5* Proven & Time-Tested Customer Service Strategies to Absolutely Explode Your Revenue and Build a Raving Fan Base

Before we get to the podcast, I want to share these *Notes* that will give you even more insight into the power of these ‘5’ Strategies…

I taught from my NEW Book – The ABCs of Millionaire Marketing Plus *47* Secrets of Extreme Customer Service.

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Customer Service Strategy #1: Caring (page 84)

Your customers should know that you care about them and appreciate their loyalty to your business. 

It’s easy to show your customers that you care about them…

Use your words. Send them thank you cards.  Give them Bonuses that bring value to their lives or businesses in some way. 

Your Customers are the Most Important Part of your Business.

Without them, you have no business… 

So make sure that you show them that you care about them!

Customer Service Strategy #2: Mind (pages 35 & 49)

In order to provide Extreme Customer Service and give your customers the product or service that they want, you must get in their minds. 


Start by Actively Listening to your customers.

I often tell my consulting clients that they must shut up and listen in order to truly hear what their customers want. 

If you are talking more than your customers, then there’s no way that you are truly hearing what they are telling you and…

You can’t fulfill their need with your product or service.

A great example of a company that didn’t listen to their customers is BlackBerry.

At one time, they dominated the market, but when they stopped listening to what they clients wanted…

They were pushed out and other companies like Apple and Samsung took over!

Customer Service Strategy #3: Deliberate Delivery (page 19)

Commit to be Deliberate in your Marketing by focusing on the end result that you will over-deliver what you promise to your customers. 

Over-delivering is your Ultimate Goal…

Not just doing the bare minimum or what is expected of you by your customers!

Your marketing is your first step in providing extreme customer service to your clients IF…

You stay Focused on Delivering your product or service with nothing less than a Standard of Excellence.

Remember, over-delivering on your promise is your ultimate desired outcome!

Customer Service Strategy #4: Communication (page 16)

You must Consistently and Confidently Communicate with your customers ALWAYS…

Not just when they make a purchase!  Sit, wait, and sell is not how to build a successful business!

Communicate with your Customers before and after the purchase to let them know that you are focused on building a long-term relationship with them. 

This goes beyond your regular marketing!

When you communicate with your customers on a consistent basis and confidently share why your business is the best in your industry or niche

They have no reason to go somewhere else to purchase your product or service.

However, you must be on their mind and they must know that you value your relationship with them. 

It’s inevitable that this will happen if you consistently and confidently communicate with your customers. 

When your customers are confident in you…they will invest in you! 

Customer Service Strategy #5: Reviews (page 64)

Make sure that you are known for awesome business reviews! 

If a business doesn’t have positive, current customer reviews, then DO NOT buy anything from them! 

Amazon is famous for offering reviews on the products that they sell so that their customers can hear from someone else that has purchased that product before.

Your business expertise is shown through your customer reviews. 

Stop Trying to tell or show people how great your product or service is, and let your Customer Reviews Express Your Expertise…

Now, get your pen and paper ready as you immerse yourself in this POWERFUL Podcast…

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