Dr. Christa Got Ripped Off Plus *3* Simple Power Principles on How You can Achieve Record-Breaking Results in Your Life and Business

In this episode of the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast, John Di Lemme reveals why Dr. Christa said the best thing that ever happened to her is getting ripped off! Wins and losses in business can teach you important lessons! 

PLUS *3* Simple Power Principles on How You can Achieve Record-Breaking Results in Your Life and Business

Enjoy these notes from this powerful podcast and listen to the podcast by clicking on the play button below the notes:

*3* Simple Power Principles on How You can Achieve Record-Breaking Results in Your Life and Business

 Simple Power Principle #1 A Why Separates a Goal Setter from a Goal Achiever: It’s easy to set a goal, but to achieve it takes another level of commitment. In order to achieve your goals, you must know what your Why is in life.

Your Why is the reason that you get out of bed every single day and face the challenges of the world. If you don’t know your Why, then you have no destination. It’s like trying to get somewhere without direction. Your Why will give you the power to achieve all of your goals!

A strong Why will make you happy and passionate to the fullest. You must feed it with the right words and the right people to be enable it to fly! People will default and fail to act when their ego gets in the way and stops you from developing. The development of your Why must be consistent.

Simple Power Principle #2 – Ever Increasing Why = Ever Increasing Self Development: As you grow through your self-development time, your Why grows. It’s inevitable!

Your Why expands as you grow. If your growth is stunted, then so is your ability to achieve your Why. Commit to developing yourself to the next level and allowing your Why to become so big that it scares you!

As you grow, change will allow people to shape your life and the ones that are stealing from your life will go and you will continue to grow. We need our private time with our future that’s why Accountability and self-development are the most important ingredients to achieve your goals in life.

Don’t let the decisions you chose to take you away from your WHY. You must develop personally to increase your confidence for your ever increasing WHY. Self-development should not be convenient it must be a constant development.

You must also develop personally to be able to develop professionally.  Your clients want a confident person to do business with. If you want to increase your confidence, then you must increase your self-development. Look forward to activating your mind with self-development.

Simple Power Principle #3 – Acknowledge Your Customers: When someone enters your place of business, acknowledge them. While your customers understand that you may not be able to help them immediately, they appreciate you letting them know that you see them and will be right with them. Ignoring them sets a negative tone and makes them feel undervalued. It’s simple and free – say, “Hello! Welcome to… I’ll be right with you!”

When your Why is to serve people, impact people with your honor, integrity, and loyalty in your niche. In business, your goal is to increase a person’s trust and loyalty; therefore, it is important that you develop yourself constantly for your next level client.

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