John Di Lemme Teaches 7 Billionaire Masterminding Nuggets of Pure Marketing and Motivation Brilliance

In this episode of the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast, I share *7* Billionaire Masterminding Nuggets of Pure Marketing and Motivation Brilliance from my 17k Inner Circle Champion Mastermind Club Event last weekend in West Palm Beach, Florida.

But before you listen to this EXTRAordinary podcast, take a look at these powerful notes from the teaching…

Billionaire Masterminding NUGGET #1
Mindset Plus Decision Plus Action = the Achievement of Next Level Results

When you set your mind on a goal, make the decision to go after it, and take the action to achieve it, then you will achieve your next level results.

Do your daily actions represent your goal-achieving mindset and decision you made to relentlessly go after your goals?

It’s easy to set a goal, but it takes real commitment to achieve it and reach your next level in life and business.

Billionaire Masterminding NUGGET #2
My Breakthrough Idea Already Exists. No Help Needed, Because I’m
Committed to Simple, Long-Term, Ever-Increasing Development!

You don’t need “help” to achieve your miracle breakthrough. You need daily personal development to develop the breakthrough idea that already exists in your mind and heart.

Your breakthrough is at your fingertips, but it’s not just going to happen. You must dig deep and stand strong to achieve that breakthrough.

Commit to develop yourself daily to build the strength, courage, and determination that you will need to achieve your miracle breakthrough.


Billionaire Masterminding NUGGET #3
The Top *2* Emotional Assets Your Customers Want to Know
You Offer – Reliability and Dependability

Reliability and dependability are a must in business! Your customers want to know that they can rely on you and depend on you to provide a product or service with nothing less than a standard of excellence.

When your customers can depend on you, they have no reason to go anywhere else and will remain loyal to your business.

Plus they will refer others to your business (without you asking), because they know that they can rely on you and that you value your relationship with them.


Billionaire Masterminding NUGGET #4
Today is the Day that I Activate My #1 Client Ever!
(Living in All Out Expectation!)

In order to achieve the next level of success, you must live “daily” in an atmosphere of expectation that you will activate your #1 client ever and absolutely break records.

If you don’t expect this radical level of success, then you don’t truly believe it’s possible and you will never achieve it.

Achieving starts with believing! Going into every single day with an attitude of expectation that the impossible is possible for you!

Billionaire Masterminding NUGGET #5
Expand My Thinking About Money to Protect Myself from Drifting
into the Quicksand of Poverty Mindset

You must “believe” that you are worthy of achieving HUGE success especially in your finances. No matter how big your financial goals are, you will be unable to achieve them if you have a poverty, lack mindset.

Don’t ask “How much will it cost me?” Instead ask, “How much will it cost me not to do it?” Poverty mindset is like quicksand that keeps holding you down and keeping you stuck in lack and mediocrity.

Don’t limit your potential with that mindset! Value yourself and your right to achieve massive success!


Billionaire Masterminding NUGGET #6
Creating an Emotional Experience that My Client
Remembers is My Responsibility!

These experiences are created during your daily, focused, preparation time.

In order to create memorable experiences for your clients, you must invest your time in daily, focused preparation.

This is when your creativity comes alive, and you develop the confidence to create emotional, memorable experiences for your clients.

Billionaire Masterminding NUGGET #7
Increased Note Taking = Increased Results
Decreased Note Taking = Decreased Results and Eventually Default

When you take notes with a pen and paper, you activate your mind and what you are writing becomes real to you.

When you increase your note taking, you will see your results increase, because you are internalizing what you are learning. When you decrease note taking, you stop learning and eventually stop earning.

Note takers are history makers! It’s proven in my 17K Inner Circle Champion Mastermind Club of Champions. All of my Club members take notes and activate not only their mind, but also unlimited potential that they can release into their lives and businesses. Are you next?

Discover how you can join this Club of Champions here – www.17KMastermind.com

Now, enjoy the podcast of this life-changing teaching…