John Di Lemme Releases 5 Habits that Guarantee the Achievement of Record Breaking Success

During this episode of the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast, I released…

*5* Habits that Guarantee the Achievement of Record-Breaking Success

Before we get to the podcast, I want to share these notes from one of my top students Carol Grant – an attorney in Florida.  Carol understands that Note Takers are History Makers!

Plus being able to reread these notes over and over again as she implements the habits in her life and business will catapult her results!

Now, check out Carol’s notes and get ready to be blown away by the podcast…

Habit #1 – The Habit of Transparency (Being Truthful and Accountable)

Every single day, I must take an honest review of my day and be responsible for my actions without making excuses.  

Plus I must ask myself, “Why do I do the things or not do the things that I know produces results in my life and business?” 

Most importantly, I must be honest about where discouragement comes in and how to rid myself of it or it will continue to bring me down. 

I am committed to developing the habit of transparency in my life and business!

Habit #2 – The Habit of Improvement

When I improve, I add value to my life and business. Just like a person improves their home to add value, I commit to improve areas of my life to do the same.

A habit of improvement will create a return on investment.  This habit is created by developing a pattern of improvement every single day.

Plus I ask myself, “What is my nemesis to improvement?”  When the answer is revealed, I will demolish the nemesis that is standing in the way of my success.

Habit #3 – The Habit of Morning Miracle Preparation

Instead of jumping out of bed and turning on the news or reading my emails, I am committed to do my Morning Miracle Preparation (MMP).

Your MMP could be reading your Why Card, exercising, saying your affirmations, or basically anything that prepares you for your day and sets the atmosphere of miracle expectation.

Preparation builds confidence so that you can face the adversity that you will encounter and achieve your daily goals. 

Intentional preparation in the morning will show up throughout my day and help me to stay focused.  I will stand strong and be proud!

Habit #4 – LIVE Event Note Taking

Note takers are history makers!  When I write something down, I internalize it so that I can implement it in my life and business. 

This does not happen when I type it on my computer or smart phone!

Working harder does not improve my mind…note taking does!  When I improve my mind, I will increase my value and my worth. 

Habit #5 – Mental Expectation

I must go into every day expecting that today will be the greatest day of my life!

I am EXPECTING breakthroughs!  Something big is about to happen today!

Opportunities will pass right by me if I am not expecting. If I don’t expect HUGE results in my life and business, then I won’t achieve them. 

My expectation coupled with my daily action predicts my future!

Remember, note takers are history makers so get your pen and paper ready as you listen to this life-changing podcast…