John Di Lemme Shares 5 Fundamental Life and Business Success Principles to Crush Fear

In this episode of the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast, John Di Lemme Shares 5 Fundamental Life and Business Success Principles to Crush Fear! Fear has no place in your life and your business!…

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*5* Fundamental Life and Business Success Principles You Must IMPLEMENT on How to CRUSH Fear and Achieve Your Goals or Else Getting Really Busy will Take You Over…

the page references in the notes are from my Best Selling Book for over 15 Years… the ’10’ Life Lessons on How to Find Your Why NOW and Achieve Ultimate Success… you can grab a copy of the book for free here…

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     Fundamental Life and Business Success Principle #1
*Being Patiently Focused in Your Long-Term Success Journey…* (page 103)

There is absolutely NO shortcut to success or the achievement of your Why. When you focus long-term on your goals and take daily action steps to move you forward on your success journey, the achievement of your Why is inevitable. Be patient and stay focused on your Why! Key Word here is Daily and Yes that means the days you do not FEEL like doing Your Self Development. Because True Commitment is Shown when no one is looking 🙂

Fundamental Life and Business Success Principle #2
Daily Vision Refreshment to Combat Overwhelm and Being Busy (Page 101)

You must remind yourself daily why you get out of bed every single day to face the adversity that the world throws at you and keep forging forward on your success journey..

When you refresh your vision of your Why, you wipe away what overwhelms you and keeps you busy instead of focused on your Why. How do you refresh your vision?

Read your Why Card each and every morning… Interested in a Sample of Why Card?… simply shoot me a quick email to John@GiantGoals.com and say *Sample Why Card*… plus to refresh your vision Look at pictures of your Why and make sure each Morning you are investing time in getting your mind warmed up for the day. As I always teach – Morning Miracle Preparation is key because it will Get Your Ready for the Day and protect from you overwhelm mode. Stay focused on your Why and don’t let everyday frustrations distract you. It is WAR out there Right Now for our FOCUS on our Why.

Fundamental Life and Business Success Principle #3
Why Not Me Attitude vs. the Fear Based Procrastination How Attitude (page 116)

In order to achieve your Why, you must have the “Why Not Me” attitude and ask yourself daily, “Why Not Me?” This is different than the “Why Me?” attitude that most people have because they are fearful about success and procrastinate on taking daily action steps that will move them forward on their success journey…

Why not YOU? I believe that you were born a Champion and have the absolute right to achieve monumental success. Do you believe that?

Fundamental Life and Business Success Principle #4
Finally Once and For All Embrace Your Miracle (Page 114)

This principle is simple. Until you believe that you will achieve your goals and ultimately your goals, you will never achieve it. Embrace your miracle!

Believe that the impossible is possible for you in life and business! Because Guess what… The Impossible is Possible for YOU!

Fundamental Life and Business Success Principle #5
Genuine Serious Commitment No Matter Others Do (Page 112)

Commitment is the foundation for your life! If you are not truly committed to achieving your Why, then you will never do it. It’s easy to commit; however, it gets hard to stay committed when the naysayers are constantly hassling you…

Stay committed to the achievement of your Why NO MATTER what everyone else around you say or do. It’s your life and business! You are responsible for your results! 99% of people QUIT on their Commitment and the root of most people’s problems are a Lack of Commitment for the Long Term. This is so key… no matter what anyone else does around You… YOU COMMIT!

…once again you can grab a copy of the Book for free here… http://www.FindYourWhyNow.com