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How You can Explode Your Bottom-Line Profits as a Speaker – John Di Lemme

john di lemme speakerIn this episode of the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast, John Di Lemme and Jason Burke, CEO of the High Performance Success Summit, discuss How You can Explode Your Bottom-Line Profits as a Speaker.

Discover how you can be one of the *15* speakers at this intimate, highly-exclusive, hands on Speaker Boot Camp, go to www.GiantGoals.com/speaker

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John Di Lemme Interviews David Dweck, Founder of Boca Real Estate Investment Club

In this episode of the Motivation Plus Marketing Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews David Dweck, Founder and President of Boca Real Estate Investment Club.

David is based in South Florida and is an active real estate investor and a licensed Realtor. His company, Private Equity Funding specializes in private loans for real estate investors. He has bought, sold, renovated, consulted and brokered over 2,000 transactions. He has also participated in numerous commercial transactions.

In 1994, he founded the Boca Real Estate Investment Club. As founder and president, he has built the organization into one of the most respected real estate investor associations in the United States.

He has spoken on a local and national level on real estate investing and has been quoted and written about in local and national media including CNBC, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Bankrate.com, Investors Business Daily, Fortune Magazine and The Today Show.

He is on the Board of Directors of Frank McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation. He is passionate about travel, basketball, Muscle Cars and music. Originally from New York, he graduated from the University of Miami, and has called South Florida home since then. David also helps distressed South Florida homeowners by buying homes for cash.

To discover more about David Dweck and Boca Real Estate Investment Club, go to https://www.BocaRealEstateClub.com or Call (561) 391-7325

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John Di Lemme Unleashes 4 Reasons Why MLM is Positioned Perfectly to Enter Its Largest Growth Phase Ever

In this episode of the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast, John Di Lemme unleashes *4* Reasons Why MLM is Positioned Perfectly to Enter Its Largest Growth Phase Ever.

To discover more about John Di Lemme, visit www.GiantGoals.com

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John Di Lemme Interviews Kyle Wilson, Founder of Jim Rohn International

In this episode of the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Kyle Wilson. You will definitely want to hear the quote that Kyle shares from Jim Rohn about adding value to valuable.

Kyle is the founder of Jim Rohn International, YourSuccessStore.com, LessonsFromNetwork.com and KyleWilson.com

He’s worked with the top names in the personal development industry including his 18 year biz partner, friend and mentor Jim Rohn, as well as Og Mandino, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Darren Hardy, Robin Sharma and many others.

Kyle is the author of 52 Lessons I Learned from Jim Rohn and Other Great Legends I Promoted! and partnered with Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield on Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul.

Kyle has filled huge seminar rooms, launched and published multiple personal development publications with over a million subscribers and has produced/published over 100+ hours of DVD and CD programs.

Kyle sold his companies in 2007 and became a Mr Mom for 7 years. He now does high-end coaching & consulting, host the Kyle Wilson Inner Circle Mastermind and has helped over 200 people became #1 Best Selling Published Authors, hitting multiple #1 Best Selling books.

Now, enjoy this tremendous interview with the great Kyle Wilson…


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John Di Lemme Interviews Tony Rubleski about His New Book Trailblazers

In this episode of Motivation Plus Marketing, John Di Lemme interviews Tony Rubleski about his new book, Trailblazers.  Enjoy this podcast as John and Tony discuss the *7* Key Characteristics of a Trailblazer.
Make sure to have a notepad 📝 and pen ✍ ready to take notes…

JohnDiLemme tony rubleski

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John Di Lemme Describes The Trust, Idea, Implementation Factor with Zero Worry on Getting Taken Advantage of

In this episode of the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast, John Di Lemme Describes The Trust, Idea, Implementation Factor with Zero Worry on Getting Taken Advantage of.  John Di Lemme’s coaching can lead you straight into the successful future you want!

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John Di Lemme Teaches 7 Billionaire Masterminding Nuggets of Pure Marketing and Motivation Brilliance

In this episode of the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast, I share *7* Billionaire Masterminding Nuggets of Pure Marketing and Motivation Brilliance from my 17k Inner Circle Champion Mastermind Club Event last weekend in West Palm Beach, Florida.

But before you listen to this EXTRAordinary podcast, take a look at these powerful notes from the teaching…

Billionaire Masterminding NUGGET #1
Mindset Plus Decision Plus Action = the Achievement of Next Level Results

When you set your mind on a goal, make the decision to go after it, and take the action to achieve it, then you will achieve your next level results.

Do your daily actions represent your goal-achieving mindset and decision you made to relentlessly go after your goals?

It’s easy to set a goal, but it takes real commitment to achieve it and reach your next level in life and business.

Billionaire Masterminding NUGGET #2
My Breakthrough Idea Already Exists. No Help Needed, Because I’m
Committed to Simple, Long-Term, Ever-Increasing Development!

You don’t need “help” to achieve your miracle breakthrough. You need daily personal development to develop the breakthrough idea that already exists in your mind and heart.

Your breakthrough is at your fingertips, but it’s not just going to happen. You must dig deep and stand strong to achieve that breakthrough.

Commit to develop yourself daily to build the strength, courage, and determination that you will need to achieve your miracle breakthrough.


Billionaire Masterminding NUGGET #3
The Top *2* Emotional Assets Your Customers Want to Know
You Offer – Reliability and Dependability

Reliability and dependability are a must in business! Your customers want to know that they can rely on you and depend on you to provide a product or service with nothing less than a standard of excellence.

When your customers can depend on you, they have no reason to go anywhere else and will remain loyal to your business.

Plus they will refer others to your business (without you asking), because they know that they can rely on you and that you value your relationship with them.


Billionaire Masterminding NUGGET #4
Today is the Day that I Activate My #1 Client Ever!
(Living in All Out Expectation!)

In order to achieve the next level of success, you must live “daily” in an atmosphere of expectation that you will activate your #1 client ever and absolutely break records.

If you don’t expect this radical level of success, then you don’t truly believe it’s possible and you will never achieve it.

Achieving starts with believing! Going into every single day with an attitude of expectation that the impossible is possible for you!

Billionaire Masterminding NUGGET #5
Expand My Thinking About Money to Protect Myself from Drifting
into the Quicksand of Poverty Mindset

You must “believe” that you are worthy of achieving HUGE success especially in your finances. No matter how big your financial goals are, you will be unable to achieve them if you have a poverty, lack mindset.

Don’t ask “How much will it cost me?” Instead ask, “How much will it cost me not to do it?” Poverty mindset is like quicksand that keeps holding you down and keeping you stuck in lack and mediocrity.

Don’t limit your potential with that mindset! Value yourself and your right to achieve massive success!


Billionaire Masterminding NUGGET #6
Creating an Emotional Experience that My Client
Remembers is My Responsibility!

These experiences are created during your daily, focused, preparation time.

In order to create memorable experiences for your clients, you must invest your time in daily, focused preparation.

This is when your creativity comes alive, and you develop the confidence to create emotional, memorable experiences for your clients.

Billionaire Masterminding NUGGET #7
Increased Note Taking = Increased Results
Decreased Note Taking = Decreased Results and Eventually Default

When you take notes with a pen and paper, you activate your mind and what you are writing becomes real to you.

When you increase your note taking, you will see your results increase, because you are internalizing what you are learning. When you decrease note taking, you stop learning and eventually stop earning.

Note takers are history makers! It’s proven in my 17K Inner Circle Champion Mastermind Club of Champions. All of my Club members take notes and activate not only their mind, but also unlimited potential that they can release into their lives and businesses. Are you next?

Discover how you can join this Club of Champions here – www.17KMastermind.com

Now, enjoy the podcast of this life-changing teaching…

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John Di Lemme Reveals 5 Proven and Time-Tested Customer Service Strategies to Absolutely Explode Your Revenue and Build a Raving Fan Base

In this episode of the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast, I reveal an EXPLOSIVE teaching titled…

*5* Proven & Time-Tested Customer Service Strategies to Absolutely Explode Your Revenue and Build a Raving Fan Base

Before we get to the podcast, I want to share these *Notes* that will give you even more insight into the power of these ‘5’ Strategies…

I taught from my NEW Book – The ABCs of Millionaire Marketing Plus *47* Secrets of Extreme Customer Service.

Get your copy here and follow along with the teaching plus start implementing these strategies IMMEDIATELY in your business PLUS receive a Bonus Marketing CD


Customer Service Strategy #1: Caring (page 84)

Your customers should know that you care about them and appreciate their loyalty to your business. 

It’s easy to show your customers that you care about them…

Use your words. Send them thank you cards.  Give them Bonuses that bring value to their lives or businesses in some way. 

Your Customers are the Most Important Part of your Business.

Without them, you have no business… 

So make sure that you show them that you care about them!

Customer Service Strategy #2: Mind (pages 35 & 49)

In order to provide Extreme Customer Service and give your customers the product or service that they want, you must get in their minds. 


Start by Actively Listening to your customers.

I often tell my consulting clients that they must shut up and listen in order to truly hear what their customers want. 

If you are talking more than your customers, then there’s no way that you are truly hearing what they are telling you and…

You can’t fulfill their need with your product or service.

A great example of a company that didn’t listen to their customers is BlackBerry.

At one time, they dominated the market, but when they stopped listening to what they clients wanted…

They were pushed out and other companies like Apple and Samsung took over!

Customer Service Strategy #3: Deliberate Delivery (page 19)

Commit to be Deliberate in your Marketing by focusing on the end result that you will over-deliver what you promise to your customers. 

Over-delivering is your Ultimate Goal…

Not just doing the bare minimum or what is expected of you by your customers!

Your marketing is your first step in providing extreme customer service to your clients IF…

You stay Focused on Delivering your product or service with nothing less than a Standard of Excellence.

Remember, over-delivering on your promise is your ultimate desired outcome!

Customer Service Strategy #4: Communication (page 16)

You must Consistently and Confidently Communicate with your customers ALWAYS…

Not just when they make a purchase!  Sit, wait, and sell is not how to build a successful business!

Communicate with your Customers before and after the purchase to let them know that you are focused on building a long-term relationship with them. 

This goes beyond your regular marketing!

When you communicate with your customers on a consistent basis and confidently share why your business is the best in your industry or niche

They have no reason to go somewhere else to purchase your product or service.

However, you must be on their mind and they must know that you value your relationship with them. 

It’s inevitable that this will happen if you consistently and confidently communicate with your customers. 

When your customers are confident in you…they will invest in you! 

Customer Service Strategy #5: Reviews (page 64)

Make sure that you are known for awesome business reviews! 

If a business doesn’t have positive, current customer reviews, then DO NOT buy anything from them! 

Amazon is famous for offering reviews on the products that they sell so that their customers can hear from someone else that has purchased that product before.

Your business expertise is shown through your customer reviews. 

Stop Trying to tell or show people how great your product or service is, and let your Customer Reviews Express Your Expertise…

Now, get your pen and paper ready as you immerse yourself in this POWERFUL Podcast…

Remember to grab a hold of The ABCs of Millionaire Marketing Plus *47* Secrets of Extreme Customer Book here PLUS Receive a Bonus Marketing CD…


john di lemme marketing

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John Di Lemme Releases 5 Habits that Guarantee the Achievement of Record Breaking Success

During this episode of the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast, I released…

*5* Habits that Guarantee the Achievement of Record-Breaking Success

Before we get to the podcast, I want to share these notes from one of my top students Carol Grant – an attorney in Florida.  Carol understands that Note Takers are History Makers!

Plus being able to reread these notes over and over again as she implements the habits in her life and business will catapult her results!

Now, check out Carol’s notes and get ready to be blown away by the podcast…

Habit #1 – The Habit of Transparency (Being Truthful and Accountable)

Every single day, I must take an honest review of my day and be responsible for my actions without making excuses.  

Plus I must ask myself, “Why do I do the things or not do the things that I know produces results in my life and business?” 

Most importantly, I must be honest about where discouragement comes in and how to rid myself of it or it will continue to bring me down. 

I am committed to developing the habit of transparency in my life and business!

Habit #2 – The Habit of Improvement

When I improve, I add value to my life and business. Just like a person improves their home to add value, I commit to improve areas of my life to do the same.

A habit of improvement will create a return on investment.  This habit is created by developing a pattern of improvement every single day.

Plus I ask myself, “What is my nemesis to improvement?”  When the answer is revealed, I will demolish the nemesis that is standing in the way of my success.

Habit #3 – The Habit of Morning Miracle Preparation

Instead of jumping out of bed and turning on the news or reading my emails, I am committed to do my Morning Miracle Preparation (MMP).

Your MMP could be reading your Why Card, exercising, saying your affirmations, or basically anything that prepares you for your day and sets the atmosphere of miracle expectation.

Preparation builds confidence so that you can face the adversity that you will encounter and achieve your daily goals. 

Intentional preparation in the morning will show up throughout my day and help me to stay focused.  I will stand strong and be proud!

Habit #4 – LIVE Event Note Taking

Note takers are history makers!  When I write something down, I internalize it so that I can implement it in my life and business. 

This does not happen when I type it on my computer or smart phone!

Working harder does not improve my mind…note taking does!  When I improve my mind, I will increase my value and my worth. 

Habit #5 – Mental Expectation

I must go into every day expecting that today will be the greatest day of my life!

I am EXPECTING breakthroughs!  Something big is about to happen today!

Opportunities will pass right by me if I am not expecting. If I don’t expect HUGE results in my life and business, then I won’t achieve them. 

My expectation coupled with my daily action predicts my future!

Remember, note takers are history makers so get your pen and paper ready as you listen to this life-changing podcast…

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John Di Lemme Unleashes 5 Faithful Decisions to Achieve a Breakthrough

In this episode, I unleashed *5* Faithful Decisions to Absolutely GUARANTEE You BREAK Records In Your Life and Achieve Record Breaking Results! 

You are going to love the podcast, but first enjoy these powerful notes from this life-changing teaching…

Faithful Decision #1 – Truthful Daily Accountability:  Ask yourself at the end of every single day, “What did I do today that moved me closer to the achievement of my goals?”  Be truthful about what action you did or did not take. Where did you waste time?  Where did you invest time? 

In order to achieve the next level in your life and business, you must take responsibility for your daily actions and hold yourself accountable for your day.  Accountability is a summary of your daily decisions. Your results are a reflection of your daily decisions! Commit to being better tomorrow than you were today!

Faithful Decision #2 – Understanding the Value of Each and Every Word:  You must understand that every single word that you say has value. The question to ask yourself is, “Do my words add or subtract from my goals?”  Basically, your words will predict your results – good or bad. 

Remember, what you put in will come out so whatever you allow to enter your eyes and ears will come out of your mouth. It’s  inevitable!  You have complete control of what you see and hear so commit to only allowing positive, empowering words to enter your mind. 

Also, get away from people that suffocate your mind space with their negative words.  Don’t listen to that garbage!  Your words today predict your results of tomorrow!

Faithful Decision #3 – Identifying Where and When Ego or Stubbornness Shows Up and Eliminate It:  In order to achieve our goals, we must be willing to identify where our ego and stubbornness is keeping us from moving forward. 

It’s not always easy to accept constructive criticism or admit that something is simply not working and you need to make a change.

However, if you don’t accept the challenge to change, then you will NEVER achieve your giant goals.  When you allow your ego and stubbornness, you are stunting your growth potential.

Commit to accept challenges to change and eliminate your ego and stubbornness that is holding you back!

Faithful Decision #4 – Increase LIVE Event Note Taking and Daily Self Development:  To achieve the next level in your life and business, you must develop yourself (mind, body, and soul) every single day.  This is self-development!   It’s not always about marketing. 

If you don’t motivate and develop yourself to the next level, then there’s no way that you will achieve the next level in your business.

Plus commit to attend LIVE events, immerse yourself in life-changing wisdom, and take notes that will give you the ability to implement what you are learning.  Note takers are history makers!  If you’re not learning, then you’re not earning.

Faithful Decision #5 – Truly Serve Others with Your HUGE Why and Be a Difference Maker:  Your Why is your ultimate purpose in life.  It’s the reason that you get out of bed every single day and face obstacles that life throws at you.  If your Why is not so big that it scares you, then it’s not big enough! 

A HUGE Why will allow you to serve others and be a difference maker.  Ask yourself, “Is my Why so HUGE that it makes a difference in the world?”  If not, commit to developing your Why and making it so big that it may seem impossible.  It’s not!  I believe that the impossible is possible for you!

Wow!  Now, aren’t those notes powerful!  Plus here’s a Bonus for you…

The video of this teaching recorded LIVE on Facebook…


Now, get ready, because here’s the EXPLOSIVE PODCAST

I would love to hear what you liked best about the teaching so email me directly at John@GiantGoals.com.


P.S.  Grab a hold of my FREE report that I referred to in this teaching at…



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