Carol Grant, Lawyer

Inspire and Challenge Me…

“The daily Motivation Plus Marketing podcast charges me up every day and keeps me focused on my Why. John’s teachings in the area of motivation and marketing inspire and challenge me to take bold faithful actions each day to change my life and explode my business.” – Carol Grant, Lawyer

Dr. Sandra Kahn, Oriental Medicine

Refreshing Inspiration Every Day!

“What I like best about the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast is the refreshing inspiration I look forward to at the start of my day. The teachings are thought-provoking with so many ah-ha moments of both motivation and marketing. I love that it is part of my morning preparation of learning and implementing for the day ahead of me.” – Dr. Sandra Kahn, Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture

Hallie Minich, Direct Sales

Clear, Concise, Easy Accessible…

“John Di Lemme’s podcast is a focused, motivational start to my business day. It’s easily accessible on my phone, iPad, or computer. Clear, concise, always there, fresh and new every day!” – Hallie Minich, Network Marketing

Mark Smith, Construction Company Owner

Stay Focused on My Goals!

“The daily Motivation Plus Marketing Podcasts are better than coffee first thing in the morning. They stimulate me to my very core with facts about how I can build self-belief and my business. I need these messages from John Di Lemme every day to survive the negativity in the world and stay focused on my goals and dreams. Thanks John!” – Mark Smith, Construction Company Owner.


Christen Adolfi, Real Estate

Why Would You Listen to Anything Else?

“I love that the Motivation Plus Marketing podcast is EVERY DAY, and John Di Lemme delivers it from a special place in his heart for his clients. I also love that John’s life is transparent and in harmony with EVERYTHING he teaches. Finally, I love that John studies nonstop the most successful businesses and shares it on the daily podcasts so that we can learn from the success of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world. Why would you listen to anything else?” – Christen Adolfi, Real Estate

Eric Chamberlain, Landscape Company Owner

Consistent Development…

“The daily podcast is a fantastic tool that continues to amaze me with the serious content that directs me to improve my business and more importantly myself. You just don’t get this consistent development and guidance anywhere but John Di Lemme and his team.” – Eric Chamberlain, Landscape Company Owner


Flocy Zapanta, Direct Sales

Mental and Emotional Nutrition…

“Every day, I look forward to John Di Lemme’s podcast! It gives me mental and emotional nutrition for the day. I don’t miss a day of not listening to the podcast. There’s so much wisdom there I won’t get anywhere else.” – Flocy Zapanta, Entrepreneur

Wendy Albino, EntrepreneurFoundation for My Day

“This daily podcast is the foundation on which I build my day. These inspirational teachings prepare my mind every morning to turn my challenges into opportunities and get out of my comfort zone. It inspires me to keep moving forward, keep that winning edge in my life, and expecting my miracle!” – Wendy Albino, Home Healthcare Concierge

Michael Zapanta, Physical Therapist

Inspires Me to Grow My Business

“I listen to John Di Lemme’s podcast every day, because it empowers me to do more actions to grow my business. It gives me daily tips on how to start my day right. I also get inspired and motivated from powerful stories of other champions that are on the same success journey as I am.” – Michael Zapanta, Physical Therapist