4X Olympian & Bronze Medalist Chaunte Lowe Shares How to Win

John Di Lemme Chaunte LoweEnjoy this special episode of Motivation Plus Marketing podcast in which 4X Olympian & Bronze Medalist Chaunte Lowe Shares How to Win.  No more losing!  Listen carefully to this elite athlete share how to win in every area of your life!



Chaunte understands the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people that empower you and believe that the impossible is possible for you.  Check out a real community of Champions that Chaunte loves and you will too!  Join us for our next LIVE event!  Go here and get your ticket – www.CMUBootCamp.com – to the Billionaire School!

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  • Richard Grimm
    October 30, 2017 at 12:05 pm

    I got Faith Bumps when Shaunte’ said she was ***”The Olympic Bronze Medal Winner”!!!!!****
    You Go Girl!!!!

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